Sales Process

The Dani Sayegh Approach Targets Customers Emotions Ethically, this is how we find out what customers really want, they have to feel safe in order to reveal what they truly want.  Identifying what’s actually important to the customer, IS what makes the sale easy.

  1. Warm GreetingDo Customers feel valued and important
  2. Sincere Wants Analysis –  We my find out what they’re looking for, but do stop to ask why?  This is the true motivator behind the purchase
  3. Targeted Walk Around – Focus your product’s qualities on how well they apply to the customer.
  4. Fulfilling test drive – Land on a (product/solution) that meets their emotional and mental goals
  5. Service Walk – Why is your establishment a good place to do business
  6. Soft Close – If the numbers make sense, if all the stars align, would you? What we are saying here is; “if I present exactly what you’re looking for, would you make that decision? There is no point to showing numbers prior to some form of yes.
  7. Presenting Math – That’s all it is Math, arithmetic.  The reason we use this term is to deflect direct responsibility.  Ie. That’s what it adds up to, versus here’s what we can do for you. Have more than one choice, but not too many, It becomes a this or that choice.
  8. Trade Value – Lean on the market, ie. based on similar cars, the value of your car is xyz. If it’s not what they expected, it’s not our opinion, it’s simply similar products are going for.
  9. The Delta – If we don’t arrive at a trade value, we will work to help you on the other end of the transaction.