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Four Tiers – The Higher The Tier The Higher Level Of Selfless Behavior Is Required

Level I: Bronze – Sales Process Course

Our Sales Process Course teaches you to methodically understand the sales process and “What’s Happening” inside a customer’s mind. Learn what makes them tick in your favor.

Our Sales Process Course includes:

  • Sales Process Framework
  • Daily Goals Commitment
  • Weekly Recap
  • Monthly Review
  • Out Goal with Every Client

Cost: $495

Level II: Silver – First Level Management

First Level Management Leadership lessons. You’ve likely been taught to do what’s best for you (which is not wrong). Here though we start to learn to do what’s good for us, and what’s good for the people around us.

First Level Management includes:

  • Employee Disciplinary Record
  • Leadership Workshop 101
  • Weekly Recap
  • Accountability

Cost: $995

Level III: Gold – Management Leading Management

“Management Leading Management”, here we take selfless thinking to another level, we learn that it is so much less about us, and far more about everyone else, here our goal is not for “us” to shine, but to have our junior managers shine, And the team below them, looking up to their respective managers – We Learn Where To “Direct The Positive Spot Light” Which is the pathway to influence – this is important and in the military it’s called the chain of command

  • Improving Sales
  • Making It All About Them
  • Personal Monthly Review
  • Sales Training Motivation
  • Units of Productivity
  • Weekly Goals and Measure of Effectiveness

Cost: $1995

Level IV: Platinum – Executive Coaching Extreme

Private One on One Time with Dani – Completely Private – In Modern Day Life And extreme Expectations of how do we balance the demands of The Board of Directors, Your Share Holders, The Team in Your responsibility, The customer base and of course the needs of your family and let’s not forget your very own needs.

Our Private Executive Coaching Extreme includes:

  • 7 Areas of Life to Manage
  • Daily Process
  • Top 6 Core Values
  • Weekly Process

Cost: $9995