Charitable Efforts

Dani Sayegh Motivation, LLC Contributes to the Following Charities

Our Founder Dani Sayegh

√ Volunteers at The Springfield Rescue Mission

√ Donates a monthly sum to that Mission

√ Donates Blood to the Red Cross

Our Company Donates To

Westfield State College/University – Dani Graduated with the Class of 2005

Springfield Technical Community College – Dani Graduated with the Class of 2001


Lebanese Red Cross of Zahle Lebanon

Tunnels to Towers

Feeding America

My Goal, My Mission is to exemplify that making Life better for others is not exclusive of making large amounts of money – this is not about being the martyr

Dani Sayegh is not about that kind of sacrifice, we sacrifice the pleasure of now, to build ourselves up for the benefit of others, for a greater outcome for all, it is a continuous cycle – financial gain is a byproduct of this – A Process I Call the SelflessNess Cycle – and just to be clear – we absolutely enjoy ourselves, who we are, who and what we contribute to as we sacrifice forward

Dani Sayegn MOTIVATION’S Purpose is to FIERCELY choose to do what is right WITHOUT HESITATION for someone else