Dani in His Own Words

The best life to live is the life you earn.

Dany Sayegh

I never want anyone to give me something or create my life for me. I will never give anyone power over me except ME & GOD. I Have the PRIDE OF CHARACTER That I have created my life, by making the most of the cards I am dealt every day.

I don’t complain, complaining distracts me from finding solutions.

Complaining tells me I’m not grateful for what I do have

I live by one motto “Hard work Works”

I had an opportunity to be part of my Father’s Jewelry Business but realized I didn’t want to live my life in my father’s shadow.

In the 2006 Christmas Season (Dec-Jan) I took a third shift Job at the post office while working for my family’s jewelry business. I also started looking for work in automotive sales at the same time and would come home at 2 am and started a Mercedes based training program.

I went on to start my automotive career in March 2007.  And yet again took the above and beyond approach, by taking it upon myself to learn in detail everything there is to know about the cars I’m selling, I wanted to be able to convey proper value and be useful to my customers.

My Career continued at Hoffman Audi in 2009 where my work ethic was meet by professional standards and a great set of Values of the Hoffman Auto Group. 

In November 2014, the love of my life past away.  I was surrounded by love and good mentorship which  helped a lot, in March 2015, I had my worst performance ever while my store had it’s the best Month ever, and the usual underperformers had their best month ever, the signs where clear, it’s not the world, or the weather, or the customers, it was me. This is the defining moment, where I vowed to stop complaining, I vowed if I was going to complain, I would have a solution ready at the same time.  I vowed if I wanted something, I would ask for it without adding a complaint.  I would work for it and ask for my worth.

Dani Sayegh

9 Months Later I became a Sales Manager at the leading Audi Dealership in Hartford, Hoffman Audi.
14 Months after my defining moment I bought my first ever brand new car and it was badass! A 2016 Audi S5 Black on Black 6- Speed with gorgeous 20″ Titanium Wheels! This was very fulfilling because I created I the wealth and the car, it did not happen by accident, I think about all the right decisions it took to get here. 

29 Months after having my worst month ever, I find myself leading the sales department of a very busy Mercedes dealership. I oversaw the actions and was responsible for 20 people +/- team. I was given a $75k Mercedes to drive and was making more money than I ever did.

A Year passes, and my passion for Growth, growing myself and others, is manifested in the form of Writing a sales book, working on starting a Leadership, Sales, and Motivation training program

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