Motivation Training (Goal Setting & Taking Responsibility)

Actions distract us from Thoughts
As do…
Thoughts Distract us from Action
We certainly need both, but One will ACTUALLY moves you towards your Goals & Desires

If I don’t believe in the mission…
I will never accept the mission…
If I don’t accept the mission I will never be committed…
If I AM not committed…
I WILL never give it my all
IF I AM not giving it my all
Failure becomes an option

Dani Sayegh

Why torture myself, and those around me.

-Remove myself from the self torture and. Find something I CAN Commit to.


Your Hour, Day, Week, & Year & Ask What Do I want out of today?
What Do I want out of this next hour?

IF I am going to complain about it
I AM going to do something about it

Don’t Be a
Victim and Whine

Ask for What You want without Complaining, and be willing to

Drawing the Line & Developing Self-Worth
Becoming ‘Self-Validating’ vs. Depending on the World to Validate us.

When do we draw the line with a customer?  When Do we draw the line in Life? With Friends, Family, & Acquaintances

  Where and When we draw the line in all areas of Life is a direct reflection of our Self-Worth.

Who we Tolerate
What we Tolerate
Is a Direct Reflection of Our Self-Worth.

We, each and every one of us has control over “Our individual Line”  No One can determine your value you but you.

Give yourself credit for your efforts in life

‘when do we decide that we have made a concerted effort to present value and ask for it’s value.  In my perspective customers come to us in our respective fields because we are the experts in such fields.  At some level, and some point they have to “trust” doing business with us.’

  • Self-Worth is Developed by the things you say “NO” to. Especially when it is enticing and will give you great immediate pleasure but long term pain. 
  • But the temptations come in all forms and sizes,  The big ones are typically easy to catch, but difficult to resist because they usually come with the biggest immediate payout.
  • The small are the ones to watch out for, “temptation” is simply something, -anything that goes against what you believe.  The small ones sneak in a little at time, and potentially go unnoticed.  This is what make them so dangerous.
  • So Please, Say NO, Say No as much as possible to things that go against your character, this has incredible character building power.
  • Say No often,
  • Say Yes seldomly. 
  • Choose wisely, this is how your life is created, literally, with every yes, and every no.

One Last Thing..

We create “Self”-Value/ “Self”-Esteme by what we think of ourselves.  We create positive thoughts of ourselves by taking actions that we know “WE”, no one else, know that we will say nice things to ourselves. _Think What Can I do?  What Can I do today that I can at the end of the day I feel good about it.  -Please make sure you are not doing too much,  if your life is so busy, your mind is physically incapable of being greatful,  “it”  The mind needs to slow down to be able to notice “the good things” in life, to appreciate the good things in life.  It’s not your fault that you are ungrateful, it is however the lifestyle that you have created that prevents you from being grateful, the best thing about that is.  You can change it. The life style,  if you are worried about not working enough, (this sentence is mainly directed at work aholics) Drawing the Line on yourself worth, will create the value you want without excessive effort.

No One, and Nothing Outside of Us can ever determine our value.

Genuine Self-Pride & Creating Our Own Life

Busy Mind, Busy Life, Frantically working with fear, to a seemingly undless treadmil run, the destination.

Faith – Believe it Even When You don’t. LET GOD SEE IT FOR YOU.  TRUST – If you mean well, GOD will get Behind you

Plan – Have a purpose for everyday,  Ask yourself “What do I want out of today?”  What is realistic and moves me in a direction towards my vision

Discipline – Just Do it – Detach from emotions & thoughts, FOCUS – on the plan, and take ACTION on that plan.  SPEED The faster you make decisions the more you get done.

Hustle – hard you work is a major factor,  BUT It’s LESS about HOW MUCH work you and FAR MORE about how much you actually get DONE.  when it’s time to get shit done

Balance – (With a balanced Life, you will miss family when you are at work, and are excited to see them when the work day ends, but you also separate from work so well, that you miss your work and are excited to start your day and continue your mission)

  • FAMILY FIRST:  Why are you doing what you’re doing,  to enjoy more time with them, BE PRESENT, leave work at work.
  • REWARD YOURSELF Often and reasonably – this is a reminder that you ARE moving towards your goals.  Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor at every milestone small and big, this programs your mind that effort equals reward, (just make sure you are being honest with your self and that your reward is proportionate to your means. 
  • SOCIAL LIFE – Enjoy time with friends, laugh, let loose and do a little something daring.  Laugh so much that it hurts,  Laughter will cure illnesses & remove stress.

Give it 120% EveryTime with Every CUSTOMER

Remember to make sure “you are helping them in the best way that you can”
-Not just trying to get a car deal

Remember: To be in tune ( FOCUS )to your customers needs (ask the right questions)


Know the Inventory & -Always be ready


Go after what you want!

“It’s all about serving the customer and helping them in a task, not really selling a car. –that will come naturally.”

Think about the “path” to the “Sale”, what’s going through the customers head, and what it’s going to take to accomplish what they are thinking or how to lead them there.

Do this from a position of assertiveness, accommodate but, You Dictate the terms.

  • Know your product, know your industry, learn & acquire as much information as you can about what you sell.
  • Thorough:Product Knowledge: Compelling walk around
  • Work with ENTHUSIASIM –Be Happy to HELP people, as many people as possible, -you never know when that next person is going to buy.
  • “Look at the whole picture”, don’t fixate on anyone thing.
  • “don’t mentally stop” just keep going, …everything will fall into place
  • Stay sharp, know the inventory.
  • Nothing is more important than the next customer.—ALWAYS BE READY!

Completely empty your thoughts of all distractions

Focus & Listen: “Tune-in” to your customer

Think about: their needs & individual tastes.

Put the customer’s needs before your own!

Exclude your own assumptions

Treat them like they want to be treated…

Allow them to lead themselves to a car & a close!

Don’t allow another salesman to out sell you

The Human Body, Mind, & Soul Needs Rest & Recovery

Like any other piece of Machinery, the Human Body needs Maintenance.

When you ask a machine to do something it’s supposed to, it will eventually fail. 

The Body Needs Nurtiment and Excersie, since we don’t have to hunt and Kill our food any more.

The Brain needs to time to unwind from active problem solving, it needs  a creative outlet. – Not analytical, something Subjective

It needs the chemistry of other people

The Soul Needs a HIGHER POWER, The Soul Needs a greater puepose than *Material Pleasures.  The SOUL Needs PURPOSE.  That Purpose can only come from a HIGHER POWER.  The Soul Needs HIGHER PWOER for the things it Can Not Explain, but trusts in a greater purpose for it, Through a HIGHER POWER